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Meet Sir Cupcake!

Jack StockLynn

The performer behind Sir Cupcake! Jack has toured nationally with DoJump Extremely Physical Theater, Pervert the Cirque, and Spaceman Jack. Find out more aboutJack.

Sir Cupcake's Queer Circus Goes Inside the Body!

Sir Cupcake's Queer Circus must go INSIDE Sir Cupcake's Body to find and repair his broken heart, but watch out, a nasty Nanobot is bent on flushing them out!  Photos!

Sir Cupcake's Queer Circus Goes to the FUTURE!

Sir Cupcake and crew travel too far forward in time and land in the FUTURE! We meet Robots, Acrobats, Gender Artists, and Aerialists!! But is some one trying to keep them in the future?  Photos

   Hello Cupcakes!!


   I have been hard at work on my newest show, Goes Home, and it has been difficult. In this next show we explore the difficulties of this disconnected modern life, and trials we face as humans who are unique, special and oh so QUEER in a world that wants us all to be the same. I couldn't do it without your support and love and I'm excited to share this magical show with you!



  Sir Cupcake is a gender bending circus performer. He likes to explore mythology, grand gestures, and wicked magic. He is a dandy bumbling trickster, whose tricks usually get the best of him. He enjoys sharing his performance experiments with his band of Queer and Trans performers, and absolutely delights in having a confusing gender.